Focus on the baby. Not the stuff.

Rent the baby gear you want for as long as you need it.

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How it works

Select your gear

Pick your items from our curated collection of premium baby gear.

Use as needed

We deliver your gear (LA area only) and you keep it until your baby outgrows or no longer needs it. Pay as you go!

Swap it out

Trade in your items for others or just return them and never worry about storing or reselling.

Hand-selected premium baby gear

Carefully chosen for its safety, quality, high user-ratings and beautiful aesthetic.

Why use bundl?

It's affordable

Why spend a bunch of money on gear your baby will outgrow in just a few months? Pay for the gear for only as long as you need it.

It's convenient

Shopping for baby gear is overwhelming. We carry only the safest and highest quality gear so that choosing what you need is easy. If you try an item out and you don't like it or need it, just send it back!

It's sustainable

For being so small, babies sure create a ton of waste. Instead of buying stuff that will just take up space in your garage (or a landfill), we'll pick it up from you and get it to another family that needs it.